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Grimburg Announces Release of Grimburg Gavle v1.5

Release video for the Grimburg Gavle v1.5 Less Lethal Launcher by Grimburg Less Lethal. It is a 36-joule launcher that is built for concealment and available for purchase now.

Grimburg Less Lethal, a reputable brand in the “less lethal” category, has recently announced its latest and greatest product yet, the Grimburg Gavle V1.5 Less Lethal Launcher. It is a 36-joule launcher built for concealment that sports a wide range of features and a unique design.

Grimburg Gavle v1.5 Launcher Introduction

While Grimburg has undoubtedly become known throughout the industry for its many products supporting other brands and launchers, including holsters, projectiles, and other accessories. The Grimburg Gavle v1.5 Less Lethal Launcher, however, is set to be the flagship in its arsenal, offering a wide range of features and its own unique experience.

The Grimburg Gavle has definitely undergone a couple of iterations to get to this point, and we’re certain more improvements will be made throughout its lifespan. From version 1 to version 1.5, there have been many noticeable improvements, but we believe the Gavle Launcher is a work in progress.

Grimburg Gavle v1.5 Description

Grimburg Gavle v1.5

The Grimburg Gavle v1.5 Less Lethal Launcher has a stance of just 7.75 inches in length, 1.2 inches in width, and just 5 inches in height. Though durably constructed, the Gavle v1.5 weighs a mere 1.5 lbs., making it comfortable to use throughout training and real-world experiences. What’s most interesting about this launcher, in comparison to others currently on the market, is that it’s barrel-less and magazine-less. It has an integrated barrel and a 5-round integrated magazine, reducing the failure rate significantly.

It’s a .68 caliber launcher and built for JUL projectiles. It uses a unique, single 12-gram threaded CO2 cylinder and has a twist-to-puncture CO2 feature. As for its muzzle energy, at 36 joules, we feel sorry for whoever faces the end of the barrel. The Grimburg Galve v1.5 is available in a wide range of color options with a Cerakote finish, including FDE/Coyote, Pink/Grey, Black/Sig Dark Grey Grip, Multicam Grey/Sig Dark Grey Grip, and Sunflower/OD Green Grip.

Our Feedback

While we’re certain the Gavle launcher will undergo many more changes, as it seems as if the company takes customer feedback seriously, we’ll give our thoughts from a consumer perspective:

In its current form, the Grimburg Gavle V1.5 Less Lethal Launcher seems as if it’s made for the die-hard fans of “less lethal” products. In this current form, it doesn’t seem as if it’s made for the general public and real-world altercations, as it lacks a “user-friendly” design and the price is through the roof ($649 without its accessories). However, we feel Grimburg is certainly headed in the right direction with its integrated barrel and magazine. By making the launcher more user-friendly and lowering the price, it would open the company up to a larger audience.

From the CO2 cylinder hanging out of the grip to the act of loading the launcher (you have to remove the magazine cap, remove the spring and follower, insert 5 projectiles, reinsert the spring and follower, and screw in the magazine cap), there are a few finicky steps in place. Grimburg did, however, share that you wouldn’t be doing this process in the field.

If we were to share some ideas with Grimburg, it would be to somehow get the entire CO2 cylinder in the grip, attach a slide with an internal spring on the magazine cap (so that users won’t have to mess with the spring – that, however, could make it less “magazine-less” though), and figure out a way for easier removal of the magazine cap (maybe a built-in hex key or an inset cap with splines to screw/unscrew by hand). Aside from that, the trigger is the only other part of the launcher that seems like it could be improved upon.


Forget the “could happen” improvements and the astronomical price, because we believe the Gavle launcher could be the future of less lethal pistols. What’s so impressive about it, and shouldn’t be overlooked, is the fact that the barrel and magazine are both integrated. While we wonder what Grimburg could do to make the launcher more user-friendly, this not-so-user-friendly part of its design is what makes it so unique and enticing.

Grimburg Announces Release of Grimburg Gavle v1.5
Grimburg Announces Release of Grimburg Gavle v1.5

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