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Exclusive News: Byrna To Release A More Compact Launcher

While Byrna launchers are certainly compact enough to easily draw from a holster, deter threats, and incapacitate attackers, it looks like the brand is planning to release an even more compact launcher sometime in the near future.

Exclusive News

While exchanging emails with a Byrna representative, we were able to extract some exclusive news that may build up some anticipation for some of you who adore all things Byrna. We asked if Byrna was planning or is in the current development of any new launchers that we could leak to Less Lethal Army viewers, and the representative replied with the following:

While I do not yet have specific details or any dates, our engineering team is looking towards building a more compact version of our handgun-style launchers sometime in the future!

Compact Launcher Theories

Although this dribble of information doesn’t provide any details, it does generate a range of theories and offers a look into the path that Byrna’s engineering team is headed towards. The Byrna EP and SD launcher models are more compact than the LE launcher model. In the representative’s reply, however, he stated “a more compact version of our handgun-style launchers,” which leads us to believe that they aren’t focusing on one specific launcher. However, we then noticed this:

As of 8/23/2023, Byrna has removed the EP from its website’s navigation menu. Could this removal mean it’s opening space for a new, more compact launcher model?

This could also mean that Byrna could be planning to create a new launcher to compete with the Byrna LE launcher model by eliminating the Byrna Boost, yet still allowing for enough space to house a 12-gram CO2 cylinder. The new compact launcher could even be the “Byrna PE” that keeps floating around the Internet.

Byrna PE
8/24/2023 – Update

We asked the same Byrna representative if the “Byrna PE” is a real launcher in development. The response was: “The PE design in this image is a preliminary illustration of the general idea we are exploring of a more compact launcher.”

I like this idea, however, it likely means it’ll be .43 caliber or .50 caliber projectiles with an 8-gram CO2 cylinder, which is unfortunate. I guess we can’t have the best of both worlds, right? When available, it’s possibly best used for EDC, while the LE protects the home.

Until we find out more information, it’s just theories. However, the hype and anticipation of what “could be” has already started.

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