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Byrna PE Launcher: Everything We Know So Far

If you haven’t already heard, Byrna is currently developing a new less lethal launcher that is even more compact than its current arsenal of handgun-style launchers. While at this point we’ve managed to extract very little information, we wanted to create a post to keep the “Army” up-to-date with the latest information we’ve received.

Byrna PE Launcher

Byrna PE Launcher

The Byrna PE Launcher is a compact handgun-style launcher that will be added to the Byrna line-up in the near future. While none of this information, nor the name, is set in stone, this is what we know so far and can speculate. We will continue to update this post sharing any information we receive in the future.

What We Know So Far

  • We know that Byrna is currently in the development of a more compact handgun-style launcher than what it currently offers.
  • We know that it will not use .68 caliber projectiles like its other launchers. There just isn’t enough space for this to happen.
  • We know that it will not use a 12-gram CO2 cylinder, like the LE model.
Byrna PE Launcher Comparison


  • There is a very favorable chance that the Byrna PE Launcher will accept .43 or .50 caliber projectiles.
  • Judging by the preliminary illustration, it is likely the Byrna PE Launcher will house a single 8-gram CO2 cylinder. However, Byrna could opt to use a smaller 4-gram CO2 cylinder, although that would lead to very few shots per cylinder.
  • The Byrna EP is the cheapest option in the line-up, costing $299 retail. We would imagine that the Byrna PE Launcher would cost between $179 to $199, and could be a bit more if it’s available in a complete kit.
  • Due to the small size of the Byrna PE Launcher and its much smaller projectiles, we’re expecting a 5-round magazine.

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